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 Welcome to Keller Williams Realty, Jerri Smallwood & Associates.
Who is Keller Williams Legacy?
On December 1, 1998 Keller Williams Realty invited a select group of San Antonio's productive, experienced, knowledgeable agents an opportunity to create a unique Real Estate Office experience within Keller Williams Realty.  Those invited to join each shared the vision of superior service to clients and customers, team goals for success, and a desire for a professional work environment, with leading edge equipment and resources for real estate productivity.

Who is Keller Williams Realty?
Keller Williams Realty was founded in Austin Texas, in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams, two young real estate brokers with a vision of providing unsurpassed real estate service in a true partnership with agents and home buyers and sellers with a "win-win or no deal" philosophy.  Within three years, Keller Williams was the largest single office real estate company in the city.  In spite of the Texas Real Estate crash of the late 1980's, Keller Williams grew from a single office company of thirty-three agents to a regional business of sixteen offices with over one hundred twenty agents.

Keller Williams Realty  is currently a national real estate resource ranked 3rd in the nation.
Keller Williams Legacy is currently ranked third in San Antonio.

Keller Williams is a full-service real estate company.  Our  responsibility starts before a contract is signed.  Our sales associates maintain a follow-up system with other sales associates, loan companies, inspection services, appraisers, and title companies.  This assures our clients that all of the necessary paperwork and actives related to the closing of the sale are handled as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.  We've built our reputation on our ability to make decisions quickly without sacrificing creativity.   We can do this because we are available and accountable to our buyers and sellers.

Our Sales Offices (Market Centers) are in the marketplace...From this strategic spot we can professionally serve buyers and sellers better then any other real estate Company in the country.  Our sales associates are very much a part of every community they serve.  Through this constant involvement with and commitment to their communities, Keller Williams’s sales associates know their markets completely and are in touch with the people they serve.

Keller Williams' Sales Offices ( Market Centers) offer the most comprehensive, knowledgeable real estate assistance available.   Each provides services to consumers in all areas of buying and selling a home, including relocation, financing assistance, and market analysis.
Keller Williams Philosophy
Our philosophy is an essential par of who we are and how we conduct business. The Keller Williams Belief System is the foundation for providing the ultimate in service for our clients.

     *  Win -Win, or no deal
     *  Integrity, do the right thing
     *  Commitment, in all things
     *  Communication, seek first to understand
     *  Creativity, ideas before results
     *  Customers, always come first
     *  Teamwork, together everyone achieves more
     *  Trust, starts with honesty
     *  Success, results through people 
Keller Williams Service
Keller Williams offers a proven Home Marketing Plan to guide and support the seller throughout the sales process.  After all, putting your home on the market is a serious step.  The Home Marketing plan is an aggressive step-by-step program that combines effective, sensible home marketing methods to generate maximum market exposure and sell you home successfully.  For years, Keller Williams has been helping people like you sell their homes.  And we credit our success to the Home marketing plan.    In selecting Keller Williams as your representative, you will be putting this proven marketing system to work for you.
 Keller Williams Realty is a full-service national real estate company committed to providing the most professional and most comprehensive real estate services to our clients across the country.  Our standards of performance are the highest in the industry.  At the Keller Williams, knowledgeable is the power for our clients.  Our standards of performance are the highest in the industry.  At Keller Williams, knowledge is power for our clients.  Our sales agents undergo rigorous and continuous real estate training to keep them on the cutting edge of industry  trends and information.  By maintaining close relationships with lending institutions, we help buyers find the best possible financing every day and we help sellers with our proven Home Marketing Plan.  This knowledge translates into greater freedom for choice for our clients.   The Keller Williams nationwide Hotline of sales office offers this power and freedom of choice to home buyers and sellers in markets across the U.S.  The combined knowledge, dedication and professionalism of our Sales Associates, results in a nationwide commitment to finding the buyer or seller that is right for you. 

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